7 Tips for a Healthy Halloween Night!

1.     Start with a balanced dinner prior to trick-or-treating to help curve cravings but allow for some expected added calories.
2.     Make a plan.  Decide your family’s candy allowance ahead of time.  No matter your limitations on Halloween candy, the holiday is bound to go more smoothly when everyone knows what is allowed before going out. 
3.     Donate extra candy to soldiers abroad or bring to school or work to share.
4.     Develop a toy exchange system where your kids can trade in pieces of candy for a non-food reward or a reward system with left-over candy.
5.     Pass out non-food items (such as crayons, yo-yo’s, fake tattoos, spider rings or bouncy balls.)
6.     Pass out healthier food options (such as pretzels, popcorn, cereal, dried fruit or sunflower/pumpkin seeds).
7.     Discuss with your children that candy is a treat to be enjoyed on occasion but avoid labeling sweets as “bad” foods.  

Have a spooky and safe Halloween everyone! 

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