Spicy Cauliflower with Creamy Guacamole

I recently watched an episode of Pioneer Woman and she whipped up a recipe similar to this (see here).  She raved about how good it was and that she was going to enjoy the entire cauliflower all by herself.  Well, I have to admit I did the exact same thing.  At less than 250 calories its hard not to with this combo of spicy and cool.  I can say this will be a recipe I make again and again, possibly trying a buffalo version.  Let me know what you all think!

Spicy Cauliflower with Creamy Guacamole
Serve 2

1 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 tablespoon garlic
1 small head of cauliflower
1 tablespoon Sriracha
1 teaspoon soy sauce
1 lime
1 tablespoon fresh cilantro, chopped

1/4 cup guacamole
1-2 teaspoons light ranch dressing

Directions:  Heat olive oil in a medium saute pan. Wash cauliflower and cut in half.  Break cauliflower into bite sized pieces using your hands.  Add garlic to pan when oil is hot.  Add in cauliflower and sauté for 2 minutes.  Add soy sauce, Sriracha and juice of half the lime.  Continue to cook until cauliflower is fork tender.
Mix guacamole and ranch dressing in a small dish.  Place cauliflower on serving dish and top with cilantro and another squeeze of lime juice.  Serve.

Nutrition Facts: 220 Calories, 13g Fat, 24g Carbohydrates, 7g Protein, 8.5g Fiber, 444mg Sodium, 223mg Potassium

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