Lemon Pantry DIY: Furniture Rehab

Hello again! I thought I'd try something different in the upcoming weeks.  Since the weather is finally warm enough to enjoy being outside I have a couple DIY posts coming your way! 
This week I've been enjoying the fruits of my labor on a dresser I found.  I liked this particular dresser because of the size and the drawers are slam-proof.  I got a great deal on it but didn't love the yellow/tan stain that was on it.  I currently have a vanity and bedside table that are stained white with some distressed, antique-y vibes so I decided to try my best and match them. 

I took pictures of my beside table and brought it to my local unfinished furniture store.  After a couple questions the gentleman there kindly directed me on what materials to use and walked me step-by-step through the process.  I think he could tell I was a newb. 
I ended up with a quart of "Snow White" waterbased paint (my recent obsession with Once Upon a Time was tickled) and a pint of "Vandyke Brown" waterbased glaze, both from General Finishes.
I also made a stop into Wal-Mart for some denatured alcohol, a paint brush and some water based polyurethane to help protect my dresser without it yellowing over the years.

First, I washed the dresser with a mixture of water and the denatured alcohol.  Next, up I sanded the entire thing.  I started out with sandpaper but soon moved to a sander to speed things up.

After wiping the dresser down, I began the first of 3 coats of Snow White paint.  Each layer took 2-4 hours to dry. 

Next up, was the more intricate part.  I watched a few YouTube videos for help and used the advice from the furniture guy to help me get the exact look I was going for.  Eventually, I ended up with a method that worked for me.  1) Paint a small section of the dresser with the brown glaze.  2) Wipe away excess with a damp cloth.  3) Go over with a dry paper towel to achieve a lighter glaze in some areas. 

Once the glaze was completely dry and looking the way I wanted, I worked quickly to apply a thin coat of the water based poly. 

Finally, I purchased some new knobs for each drawer and screwed them in. 

1 large bucket
1 or 2 cloths
1 quart denatured alcohol (plus equal parts water)
2 inch paint brush
3 inch paint brush
1 quart Snow White water based paint (General Finishes)
1 pint Vandyke Brown water based glaze (General Finishes)
8oz water based polyurethane (I used clear satin)