DIY: Wall Decor Re-Do

Over the past few months while I was envisioning (Pinterest-ing) the d├ęcor for my new room I routinely was drawn to photos like these…

They all feature a mirror with a type of sunburst centered over the bed.  Several months ago I found a similar piece at Burlington Coat Factory that was originally $39.99 however, a few pieces of glass were missing from two of the “spoke” and it had been marked way down.  I decided there must be a way I could fix it so when I cashed out I also asked if there was any way they could mark it down even more since it was clearly broken.  They agreed to give me further 10% off so I ended up stealing this little bugger for 9 dollars.

Since then, it’s ridden around in the trunk of my car for a few weeks, moved to a new place and then sat some more in a spare bedroom.  All the while I was pondering its mini-makeover.

Then I came across photos like this...

... and I decided the fastest, easiest and maybe prettiest way to tackle this project was spray paint!  I read up on a few blogs about how to spray paint plastic, as my mirror was made of metal, glass and plastic, the latter being somewhat tricky to spray paint.
There is a newer product out there by Krylon called Fusion, which is made specifically for plastic.  I picked up a can in Satin White as well as some masks and a thin layer of plastic for about 8 dollars meaning this entire project was completed for under 20 bucks!  That is what I call a win.

  1. Remove excess glue, paint, etc. from surface.

  2. Gently sand down all surfaces to be painted.

  3. Clean surfaces.
  4. Cover any areas that will not be spray painted with painters tape. 
5. Begin spray painting as normal. Several coats may be needed depending on your surface.

6. Let dry for several hours and hang your masterpiece!

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  1. What a cute blog, full of lovely tips and ideas. I have been browsing thru it and enjoying myself so much. The Hamilton hand blender has been on my mind since a while, I will get it now.