My Weekend with Mom

So, this week may be somewhat of a letdown on Lemon Pantry, as in no new recipes this week.  I have been a teensy bit under the weather (just kidding, I have gastroenteritis apparently?) since Saturday and I am currently sipping on some rockin' vegetable broth.  Basically, it hurts when I eat so the clinical dietitian in me immediately thinks worst-case scenario and it also leaves very little for me to blog about.  Cue the tiny violin.

However! I did get to enjoy a really nice Saturday with my mom including a trip to Winterport for a quilt show.  We also stopped at Winterport Winery for their new Pear Cider (so good!) and share a yummy cheese plate for lunch.  The weather, the atmosphere, the company were perfection :)

Lastly, we visited Tea Maineia where Mom purchased the Cream Earl Grey and I got the Raspberry Black Tea after tasting a few samples.  They were also featuring a free blueberry iced tea with purchase which I highly recommend as well. What could be better than that on a gorgeous day with the hint of fall in the air?

Winterport Winery Pear Cider 

State of Maine Cheese Co. Chive and Tarragon Cheese
Sharp cheddar
Winterport Co. Boursin Cheese Dip
Stonewall Kitchen Fig and Ginger Jam
Assorted nuts and olives

Anyways, enjoy your week everyone! Hope to see you back here soon!


  1. I have Tea Mainea's Tropical Green Tea... It's delicious!

  2. That sounds yummy Kristine! Thanks for reading!